Is a Career in Aviation Right for Me?

Are you a mechanically-minded, hands-on person? Do you enjoy working in a team environment providing solutions to complex challenges? If you answered ‘YES’ to these questions, then you should consider a future job in the aviation field or  aerospace – a career that is literally taking off and demand for skilled workers is ever increasing!

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Learn more about your ‘flight plan for success!’ Click here to get the details on training and education provided through the National Aviation Consortium.

We encourage you to explore “Aviation Triad” – the website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed to learn more. There is information about training and local jobs available here. To explore a wider range of jobs all over the state of North Carolina, click here for NCWorks Online, North Carolina’s one-stop resource for job seekers. Click here to contact someone if you have specific questions.


It takes a highly skilled and trained aviation industry to ensure airplanes are able to take-off, fly, and land safely all around the globe.  Without people that repair and maintain, and provide the logistical and operational support needed to make airplanes successfully and safely fly, we would all stay parked on the ground.

Most jobs in the aviation industry from piloting an aircraft to repairing the flight control system on a Boeing 737 require people who have the right mix of intelligence, critical thinking skills, and hands-on capabilities.

The Triad is home to a growing aviation industry.  Local education programs – in both high school and at area community colleges – are providing pathways to rewarding careers for people like you.

Top Occupations in Aviation and Advanced Manufacturing

Aircraft Electrician
Aircraft Engine Mechanic
Aircraft Mechanic (A&P Mechanic)
Assembly Technician
Avionics Technician
Composite Technician
Electrical Engineer
Interiors Assembler
Maintenance Mechanic
Mechanical Engineer
Quality Inspector
Sheet Metal Fabricator