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Veteran Resources at Aviation Triad. Piedmont area, North Carolina.

American Heroes for North Carolina

At Aviation Triad, we proudly support American Heroes for North Carolina. Their goals are to:

  • Make the Triad area a welcoming place for veterans.
  • Educate the community about the importance of supporting our vets and the value they bring to our community.
  • Educate veterans about their post-military opportunities.
  • Encourage veterans to return to the Triad to live, work, and play.
  • Promote the interests of former members of the US Armed Services.
  • Help veterans fulfill their goals to become productive citizens and community leaders.

Unfortunately, too many Americans believe the stereotypes about the struggling veteran or the belief that all veterans return with PTSD and all veterans need a handout.

AH4NC champions

  • The truth that most veterans return from serving their country as mature, confident, trained leaders of character, who make stellar employees and who bring immense value to our society.
  • Highlights the successes of our returning veterans and celebrates the dedication, commitment, and resilience of those who served in the Armed Forces.

Focusing on Success

AH4NC hosts two major events each year to focus attention on the success of veterans:

  • May: they host a Veterans Appreciation Day to provide a day of fun and relaxation to veterans and their families and to provide the public an opportunity to enjoy a day with our veterans and to say “thanks” to those who served.
  • November: they host a Veterans Recognition Banquet to highlight veterans who have served their country honorably and who have returned to our community to lead successful business careers.

The AH4NC Vision

The number of active duty members is decreasing with every passing year and, after their selfless service, these men and women return to the civilian world. In a world where most civilians struggle to find work, it is even more difficult for a veteran to settle into the workforce. From the structure of the civilian workplace to as simple as the type of clothing needed for job searches are just a few of the issues that face career veterans.

Today, only 1% of American citizens are involved in the Armed Forces. They are, in effect, protecting the other 99% of our country.

North Carolina is home to the third largest military population in the United States and the 8th largest veteran population. Through signature events and programs, AH4NC connects employers and veterans.

How Hire Heroes USA Helps Veterans & Their Families

For job seekers:

Hire Heroes USA works with anyone with U.S. military service as well as the spouses of those who have served to help them prepare for and navigate job searching. We are not a staffing or placement agency but are focused on helping job seekers empower themselves throughout the search process. This process is personalized, beginning with the development of a professional resume. We then guide them through resume tailoring, networking (including LinkedIn), job search methods and tools, and interviewing. We have an incredible volunteer corps that helps provide industry expertise and interview practice to these seekers. Essentially, we are here to make sure they are prepared and well – presented but also to help create and manage their job search strategy. Throughout the process we are in regular communication to help them respond to any job search challenges. Last year we were able to help more than 8,000 candidates find jobs.

For employers:

Hire Heroes USA features a job board for Veterans where partner employers can post positions (there is a 30-day trial if companies wish). We also host regular virtual career fairs in which companies can participate. We can help to create a Veteran outreach and engagement plan and educate companies on best practices for hiring and evaluating Veterans. There are a few other ways for companies to get involved and to connect with candidates if they wish!

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